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Canis lupus

Canis lupus

Grijze wolf

A short introduction:

My name is Rogier Wassenberg. I live in Waalre, the Netherlands. Mountaineering and photography are my favourite activities.

I'm very active in the Dutch Mountaineering Society (NKBV) as head instructor, teacher and coach. Climbing mountains, mostly in the Alps, with friends is real holiday for me. The beauty of nature drives me to go outside to enjoy and capture its wonderful birds, animals and landscapes.

My hobby photography combines very nicely with mountaineering, resulting in landscape and wildlife photographs from less usual positions.

It is a joy for me to share these beautiful pictures with you.

In case you want to use a photo, feel free to contact me. You could get it in full resolution, without watermarking.Please use the button 'CONTACT' here above.

Rogier Wassenberg

Please note: all photo's are copyrighted © Rogier Wassenberg, unless otherwise noted. Reproduction only after written consent in advance.

Places I have been


Useful links: (copy the link to your browser)

* The site of a friend showing many, many mountain plants: photos.v-d-brink.eu

* For butterflies in Europe visit: http://fransenb.home.xs4all.nl/EuropeanButterflies/

* Nice nature pictures: www.flickr.com/photos/stijnsmits/

* Nice birds and animals : https://www.flickr.com/photos/146373133@N02/

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